The fourth AERIS General Meeting took place this week in Aix en Provence. This much awaited annual event enables all the AERIS teams to get together and discuss various transversal and technical subjects and above all to create bonds between the teams of the different AERIS data and service centres.

This year’s programme was highly interesting, combining presentations from the various data and service centres, focusing on specific datasets and projects that they wished to highlight, thematic sessions with demonstrations of different AERIS applications and tools, and also presentations by speakers from outside AERIS. For example, the various AERIS teams were able to discover the ODATIS ocean data and services cluster with a presentation by Joël Sudre, who highlighted the rich diversity of the cluster’s data and the technical and scientific links between AERIS and ODATIS. There was also a presentation by Jean-Baptiste Hernandez from Météo-France on the history and future of space meteorology: a very interesting presentation which gave the AERIS teams an idea of the new data they would be receiving from future meteorological satellites and the major issues involved. Finally, a presentation on research data law was given by Laure Tomasso from the University of Montpellier, a complex subject but one that fully concerns data centres such as AERIS.

Many thanks to all the AERIS participants and the management team for organising this event, and see you next year for another AERIS General Assembly!

First day of the AERIS General Assembly
Presentation of AERIS campaigns support tools
Demo session using the ground data visualisation tool by Nicolas Pascal from ICARE
Demo session on the various tools developed as part of the ATMO-ACCESS project by Damien Boulanger from SEDOO
Presentation of the ODATIS cluster by Joël Sudre
Presentation of space meteorology by Jean-Baptiste Hernandez from Météo-France
The entire AERIS team!

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