SEDOO, the Data Service of the OMP, has the mission to develop applications for the management, processing and dissemination of scientific environmental data. To be usable by the scientific community, observations must not only be calibrated and qualitatively controlled by their authors, but also “managed” by teams combining computer and thematic skills.

Composed of about ten people, the SEDOO conducts its activities at the regional level through data management requests from OMP or Météo-France laboratories; at the national level within the framework of data centres and observation services aimed at monitoring the evolution of environmental parameters over the long term; and at the international level with its participation in international programmes including large multidisciplinary measurement campaigns.

Main activities inside AERIS

The main activities carried out by SEDOO are both technical and thematic:

  • Database design and development ;
  • The development of web applications for data access including catalogues, user interfaces, advanced functionalities (calculation, graphics…) and administration tools (user management and data access monitoring);
  • Standardisation of data and metadata in compliance with current standards (formats, thesaurus, norms, etc.);
  • The implementation of interoperability protocols (OpenDAP, WxS…);
  • The attribution of DOI (Digital Object Identifier);
  • Assistance in drafting data exchange rules;
  • Setting up campaign sites to help plan operations (flights, etc.).

Key numbers (January 2021)

  • Management of more than 150 websites
  • ~50 projects
  • ~4500 registered users
  • 50 TB of data
  • 12 agents involved in AERIS


The SEDOO is located at the Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées near the campus of the Université Paul Sabatier and the CNES in Toulouse.

Point of contact

 SEDOO – OMP 14 avenue Edouard Belin 31400 Toulouse