AERIS offers the science community a service to develop and operate processing chains with extensive computing capacity for large volumes of data.

AERIS affords a number of advantages ensuring high-value support:

  • hosting of numerous atmospheric datasets and capacity to process them locally
  • technical and subject matter expertise to ease dialogue with scientists conceiving processing algorithms
  • a high-performance computing infrastructure and environment for integration and management of processing chains
  • data exploitation capacity, including systematic near-real-time processing
  • centralized product management and distribution (catalogue)

Initially intended for processing of high-volume satellite data requiring extensive storage and processing capacity, this service now processes all types of data. For example, the ICARE Data and Services Centre operates the GARRLIC and BASIC processing chains that merge photometer data from the AERONET network with lidar data in near-real time.

The service covers development, validation and exploitation. Depending on algorithm maturity, development and integration of processing chains in an operational environment may involve:

  • encoding of processing chains from general or detailed specifications
  • adaptation and re-encoding of prototypes developed in research laboratories
  • operationalization of existing processing chains

To benefit from this service, you must submit an application through the call for projects using the contact form.