Campaigns support

Operational website for campaigns

AERIS offers various digital services to facilitate the organisation of measurement campaigns.

In particular:

  • A WordPress site dedicated to the campaign via the WordPress hosting offering. This site allows campaign members to communicate primarily via the placement of static pages or articles. They can also report events or introduce campaign members via the various extensions present in the Data Terra theme.
    • This site offers a tool to facilitate the daily planning of campaign operations by synthesising information from heterogeneous sources. For this we can implement data recovery and processing “chains” specifically adapted to your needs (for forecasts, satellite observations, ground stations, radars, etc.) from various data centres (ECMWF, Metéo France, Data Terra data centres, etc.)
    • This site also integrates a metadata catalogue allowing the description of datasets acquired during the campaign. Connected to Datacite, this catalogue allows the automatic acquisition of DOIs
  • A secure FTP repository via the Secure repository offer. This allows manual or programmed deposit of:
    • input elements for the planning tool (quicklooks, files, …)
    • data files as soon as they are acquired.
  • Connected to our Data-backup the acquired data automatically benefits from a secure storage mechanism.
  • Tools for distributing campaign data via HTTPS and OPeNDAP (Thredds)
  • A SIG service allowing the distribution of shapefile data and cartographic data via webservices.
  • A satellite trajectory forecasting service (using the LMD’s IXION software). In this service we can also integrate your balloon trajectory forecasts or others.
  • A collaborative document space (under development). This mechanism will allow both the benefit of a dedicated Nextcloud-like space to efficiently share and edit documents within the campaign members.

The operational campaign website allows scientists to centralize their data and receive in near-real time all the information they need to program their measurements.

If you need such a website, you must send us a request via the contact form at least 6 months in advance. It is also requested that the request specifies the storage volumes required and the retention periode of the input elements and the acquired data sets.