SEDOO’s new services

The AERIS/SEDOO data and services centre has recently published new services for AERIS users!

A new module in the AERIS catalogue allows users to subscribe to a dataset and a project. This allows users of a dataset to be kept informed of news and updates that will be provided by PIs.

Overview of the subscribe to a dataset or project button
Overview of the project newsletter interface, which is edited and sent to subscribers by project PIs.

There are also a number of new features in the catalogue, such as a user rights management tool and improved DOI (digital object identifier) management.

In addition, a new component for displaying usage statistics for a dataset has been introduced. It is currently being implemented for other AERIS data centres and services, and will eventually cover all the data files in the AERIS catalogue.

Overview of the statistics display component for an AERIS dataset

Finally, a new service has recently been developed: the publications management tool. This new tool makes it possible to manage publications mentioning AERIS or based on data available in the AERIS cluster, by importing them from a DOI or from the HAL library. A future version will enable publications to be added to the module automatically from DOIs. Do not hesitate to send us your publications mentioning AERIS!

Overview of the publications management tool

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