The AERIS/ESPRI data and services centre is CoreTrustSeal certified!

Since 18 January 2024, the AERIS/ESPRI data and services centre has been certified as a trusted data warehouse by the international certification authority CoreTrustSeal.
To achieve this certification, over the last two years the ESPRI teams have carried out extensive documentation work to describe all the data lifecycle management practices applied at the centre. This process has resulted in the creation of the Data Management and Preservation Plan (DMP), which can be consulted on the ESPRI website. This document details the various channels supported, as well as the storage, distribution and backup options in force for managing the data of warehouse users.

This certification reinforces the authorisation already granted by Datacite to the ESPRI centre to issue unique digital identifiers (DOIs) for hosted data sets. This service is aligned with the national offerings of and the EasyData thematic warehouse of the DATA TERRA research infrastructure.

The AERIS/ESPRI data and services centre is a cross-disciplinary service of the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL) federation of laboratories. As part of the national AERIS cluster, this data centre manages and processes satellite data (IASI, GOME2, etc.). ), carries out important work on the support service for measurement campaigns and the management of these data (interfacing with the other AERIS data centres and services), manages observation network data for research infrastructures such as ACTRIS, as well as other in-situ data such as the acquisition of data from Météo-France stations, and data from chemical reaction databases (IUPAC) and spectroscopy databases (GEISA).

ESPRI’s CoreTrustSeal certification reinforces the work of the AERIS national cluster in its FAIR (Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable) practices aimed at improving the use of research data.

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