Airborne data


The AirCore is an atmospheric sampler flying under stratospheric balloons. It allows the measurement of the vertical profiles (from the surface up to 30 km of altitude) of atmospheric concentration […]


EUFAR (EUropean Facility for Airborne Research) is a European project for the integration of airborne research infrastructures dedicated to European scientists specialising in the fields of the environment and Earth […]


The project IAGOS (In-service Aircraft for a Global Observing System) is an European Research Infrastructure (ESFRI Roadmap 2006) conducting global longterm observations of atmospheric composition (reactives and greenhouse gases, aerosols, […]


The balloon data The French Space Agency (CNES) has been supporting scientific ballooning since its establishment, particularly in atmospheric science measurements, currently launching about 50 balloons a year. Balloon platforms […]


The project Since the 1950s, the French research organizations have equipped aircraft to measure the atmosphere during experimental campaigns. These measurements were recorded in digital form, since the 1980s. Safire […]

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NameDescriptionStart dateEnd dateData access
YAK AEROSIBAirborne Extensive Regional Observations in SIBeriaThe objective of the YAK-AEROSIB project is to establish systematic observations of atmospheric concentrations of CO2, CH4, CO, O3 and aerosols in Eurasia. These measurements will be collected over a […]01/04/200601/06/2017link