The MAESTRO (Mesoscale organization of tropical convection) campaign is aimed at studying the mesoscale organization of convection and its impact on climate, as well as assessing the quality of new EarthCARE satellite observations.
This campaign will be one of the components of the international ORCESTRA initiative. It is funded by an ERC and involves a number of CNRS laboratories (LMD, LATMOS, LSCE,
LAERO, CNRM, LAMP, LEGOS, GSMA) as well as teams from SAFIRE, IGN, ICTP, MPI and the University of Hamburg.

As part of this project, an airborne campaign will be organized over the tropical Atlantic,
in the vicinity of Cape Verde, during the summer of 2024 with SAFIRE’s ATR-42.

AERIS/ESPRI teams are supporting this campaign by developing innovative tools and services. At the campaign preparation workshop held on March 12-15, they presented their tools, in particular the campaign support website with a data deposit area, and the flight planning tool. Discussions were held on Near Real Time quick looks and data processing, including data policy and archiving, as well as data papers.

Find out more about the AERIS measurement campaign support service.

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