European Simulation Chambers for Investigating Atmospheric Processes
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EUROCHAMP-2020 aims at further integrating the most advanced European atmospheric simulation chambers into a world-class infrastructure for research and innovation. The project is composed by a coordinated set of networking activities, which deliver improved chamber operability across the infrastructure, as well as standard protocols for data generation and analysis. Trans-national access is provided to sixteen different chambers and four calibration centres, becoming the core of the project. Joint research activities enhance the capability of the infrastructure to provide improved services for users. Cooperation with the private sector a fundamental pillar of the project, and it is necessary to exploit the innovation potential of the infrastructure by supporting development of scientific instruments, sensor technologies and de-polluting materials. Overall, EUROCHAMP-2020 has the goal to significantly enhance the capacity for exploring atmospheric processes and ensure that Europe retains its place in atmospheric simulation chamber research.

Products available

EUROCHAMP Data Centre has been developed in order to provide scientists with free and open access to data from simulation chamber experiments as well as mature products and tools supplied by EUROCHAMP-2020 consortium. it gives acces to three databases.=:

  • The database of Atmospheric Simulation Chamber Studies (DASCS): This database provides a compilation of experimental and modelled data obtained from experiments in simulation chambers supplied by all partners of the consortium. These experiments aims at understanding the atmospheric processes involved in air pollution and climate change as well as their impact on health and culture heritage. These data are highly useful for the development and the validation of atmospheric models.
  • The Library of Analytical Resources (LAR): During experiments in simulation chambers, a large panel of analytical techniques is usually used to monitor the chemical composition of gas and particle phases. The chemical analysis of these complex mixtures requires an access to standards for the calibration of instruments (in particular to have IR, UV or mass spectra available). However, as the chemical species formed by these processes are often very complex, their spectra are often not available in the “classical” databases of analytical chemistry. To tackle this issue, EUROCHAMP consortium has developed its own analytical library and has made it available to the scientific community.
  • The library of Advanced Data Products (LADP): This database provides different types of mature and high level by-products of chamber experiments which are interesting for atmospheric observation but also for atmospheric models development and validation. It includes products for the development of chemical mechanisms in atmospheric models (eg. rate constants, photolysis frequencies, SOA yields, vapour pressures…), products for the retrieve of satellite data and for radiative transfer modelling (eg. mass extinction coefficients of aerosols, hygroscopic properties of aerosols, …), and tools to generate oxidation schemes which are very useful to interpret field measurements as well as laboratory studies.

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Point of contact

Cathy Boonne (CDS ESPRI (Institut Pierre Simon Laplace)) Coordinator CDS ESPRI

Jean-François Doussin (Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systèmes Atmosphériques) Project Coordinator EUROCHAMP-2020

Bénédicte Picquet-Varrault (Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Systèmes Atmosphériques) Coordinator of EUROCHAMP Data Centre

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